John Michael Dorian
20 July 2014 @ 05:02 pm

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John Michael Dorian
20 July 2014 @ 04:59 pm
How's My Driving?
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John Michael Dorian
20 July 2014 @ 04:54 pm
barebacking, tittyfucking (giving), sixty-nine, oral (giving & receiving), discipline, phonesex, bdsm, s&m, dom/sub, sub/dom, floggers, handcuffs, food play, deepthroating (receiving), rough, gentle, romance, dating, costumes, roleplay, spanking, fingering, hair pulling, snowballing, begging, bondage, blindfolds, sleepy/unconscious, uniforms/military fetish, voyeurism, sensory deprivation, music, branding, paddling, spreader and bar, pegging (f/m), pregnant sex, breastfeeding, lactation, public sex, cock/ball worship, ass worship, tits worship, menses, rimming (receiving/giving), spanking. scat, choking, anal (receiving and giving), animal play, medical play, inflation, bloodplay, caging, gaping, fisting.

* no choking or breath-play of any kind, mostly because he easily passes out and his erection falls.

also please note that J.D. is and can be a very silly person in bed. this usually applies to foreplay where he has a tendency to take the play part seriously. with stranger/new sex partners, he is shown to be more serious about sex and doesn't play around too much. feel free to tell me whether you're okay with him being silly in bed or not.

also I play him 90% heterosexual, but I will admit, he can be very gay at times (see his relationship with turk, the fact that he has been seen slapping other male's butts [turk's butt actually], and he has complimented and ooggled at other men's junk, body, etc. anyways I do plan on him being heterosexual in coa, but I am not opposed to some homosexual scenes. the farthest I believe he might be willing to go is handjobs/blowjobs, and possibly being a bottom. aside from that, I do not believe he would date another male character. 
John Michael Dorian
20 July 2014 @ 04:49 pm
Here is where you are more than welcomed to comment and state whether you do NOT want to be tagged by this character, want to be tagged but don't want him referencing things, or want to be tagged and want him to use alternative references (ex: instead of 7up, he would say 69up).

All comments screened.
John Michael Dorian
20 July 2014 @ 04:00 pm

CHARACTER NAME: John Michael Dorian


Backtagging: Of course. I might be slow myself, might drop a tag or two if it isn't going anywhere. Feel free to poke me to pick it up again.
Threadhopping: More than welcome.
Fourthwalling: This is actually a must with this guy, trust me.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Rape/Abuse. Unicorns not being real. Nothing else.


Hugging this character: It depends. From females it is more than welcomed and by males too! It just depends on whether J.D. likes your character or not.
Kissing this character: See above. No man kisses.
Flirting with this character: See above.
Fighting with this character: If you want to see him flail around like a girl then sure.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Totally welcomed! I'm not cool with groin shots but aside from that, anything is game.
Killing this character: More than welcomed.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Only for his fantasies because lol.

Warnings: He's a doctor, feminine, weird, etc.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: His canon forth-walls and mentions A LOT of things from Harry Potter, to Sanford and Son, to Matthew McConaughey. It's safe to say he knows a lot about tv stuff. Please do feel free to use my opt-out post. For game-sake and what not, I will NOT have him reference anything related to anime/manga/comic books (mostly because he doesn't seem to do this much in canon: elliot was the one who referenced 'hentai' in season nine).
John Michael Dorian
20 July 2014 @ 03:25 pm
□ Name: Ringo
□ Age: 25
□ Contact: choking @ plurk
□ Journal:
□ Do you play anyone in Ariel?: n/a
□ Is this a re-application of a dropped character? If yes, when was the character dropped?: n/a

→ IC
□ Name: John Michael Dorian ( J.D. for short)
□ Journal:
□ Series: Scrubs
□ Canon point:
□ History: Here
□ Personality:
□ Age: Early 30s
□ Gender: Male
□ Appearance:
J.D. stands roughly at 6'0", has a rather pudgy body, and is moderately attractive. He is shown to easily gain weight and to not have much muscle mass. He has a freshly shaven look to his rather boyish face, and his hair is always well-kept and moussed up.

With brown hair and light blue eyes, J.D. is shown to have a wide array of facial expressions. When he is excited (which is often), he tends to show off his pearly whites, and his face crinkles up in a cute manner. When he is day-dreaming, he has a tendency to tilt his head up to the left and his eyes look off into the distance.

He typically tends to keep a happy aura about him, though at times when annoyed or saddened, he seems to either over-express himself or even possibly under-express himself. The moments in which he is shown to be saddened or in a dismal state, he will keep a plain face and cast his eyes downwards.

□ Abilities/Powers:
Having attended four years of college, and four years of medical school, along with working in an actual hospital, J.D. has a wide array of knowledge when it comes to medical terms and conditions. He is a doctor, and it's safe to say he can treat and detect illnesses. His medical knowledge ends at surgery, however.

He also has a wide knowledge of anything and everything involving unicorns. He also seems to be quite the gymnast.

□ Personal Items:
- Three pairs of scrubs.
- His stethoscope.
- The script to his work 'Dr. Acula'.
- His dream diary.
- List of Dr. Cox rants.
- Special motor helmet that keeps his hair straight.
- Picture of Rowdy.
- Matching 'Turk & J.D.' bracelets.

□ First Person Sample:
Here (nsfw: mentions of certain body parts at the start, crude comedy, and smut.)

□ Third Person Sample:

It seemed to John that with every good thing, bad things seemed to follow. Ever since he found himself in the city, he had experienced an equal exchange of good and bad. His sex life had gone from 'doing it' once every three to six months to once a week, at least. The bad that followed that good was that he didn't have any of his friends here to celebrate with. If Turk had been there, his special sex gong would probably end up sounding like church bells that went off at the stroke of every hour.

Still, despite the fact that his best friend wasn't here, John did well with what he had. He had made a great impression with all the strangers here and soon found himself with a lot of friends. Sure there were people who straight up didn't like him, and he did his best not to think too much about it at night. Okay so maybe he did think a lot about it, especially since he saw those people every time he checked his device. He only wished his unicorn Justin was here, then he could talk about his problems with him.

All the sex did make it better, even if he knew deep down that it was kind of bad that he was having so much casual sex. Sure there weren't any diseases in this place, but there were certainly other ways of getting hurt.

As he made his way out of his new home and out on his daily 'hug run', he checked his hug journal to see who he would hug first. After checking, he thought about the other ways people could get hurt during sex. He tilted his head towards the left, raised his left eyebrow and gazed off into the distance.

Standing before a large camera, John pushed his hair back and gave a confident pose. He tilted his head towards the camera and spoke in a cool tone. "So you're out with your girl or guy and you're having a good time right? Wrong. Sure, you can't get any STDs here, but you can hurt your junk....get your Peep stuck in her Bajingo, and possibly get your heart broken. Stay safe kids."

The camera panned out, and next to him, the 'more you know' symbol appeared.

Right as he returned back from his fantasy, he walked straight into a nearby pole. After slamming into it and pulling away, he yelled to himself out loud. "Dammit Dorthy! Don't fantasize while you're walking."

The fact that he called himself a girl's name [one that his mentor frequently used] meant something. 'You're clearly missing the Cox. Time to forget about the fact that you're all alone here and will probably never be in a relationship by hugging a few people.', he thought. It was never good to linger in the past, at least in his opinion. Besides, he liked to imagine that this place was made just for him, despite the creepy brainwashing and weird looking people. Here he could be in a threesome [the good kind], and still cuddle after sex. In a way this was his most wildest and craziest dream come true. Still there was a bit of guilt; he felt he was kinda using the girls here. Perhaps that's why his fantasy was so much deeper than his usual ones.

Shrugging aside his worries, he made his way on ward, making note that after he finished hugging everyone on his list, he should totally buy a new unicorn he could whisper his thoughts to.